Counseling and Therapy

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say. – Bryan H McGill

Find a Counselor or Therapist

International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry – Find Help

Mad in America – Science, Psychiatry and Community – Directory of Service Providers 

Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Counseling/Therapy for Psychosis

Institute for Dialogic Practice – Open Dialogue Approach

International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis

Daniel Mackler, LCSW – Non-Drug Recovery Documentaries – Open Dialogue, Healing Homes and Take These Broken Wings (videos)

Mad in America – Science, Psychiatry and Community – Anatomy of an Epidemic – Solutions

Mad in America – Modern Experimental Programs Producing Better Outcomes

Soteria Project – Schizophrenia Without Antipsychotic Drugs and the Legacy of Loren Mosher

Loren Mosher, MD – Non-Drug Treatments for Schizophrenia (video)

PsychRights – Law Project for Psychiatric Rights – Effective Non-Drug Treatment

Working with Voices

Rufus May, PhD – The Doctor Who Hears Voices – Resources

Spiritual Component

Spiritual Support